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The real cowgirl of the family!  From riding Club "Princess" to English riding to Fox Hunting--this cowgirl "has seen it all!"
Alyssa's degree in Fashion Merchandising, her years at the Dallas, Texas apparel mart and her expertise in contemporary design result in unique "eye-catching" buckles that are on fashion's cutting edge.

Heather is the "Rock Star" personality of the family. She worked as a personal trainer while living in Los Angeles.  Her experience working with fashion buyers at the Dallas, Texas apparel mart and her eye for the industry's hottest fashions helps her focus on new ideas and marketing.
The driving force behind the Fallen sisters and the initial investor of cowgirlz.net (well, o.k., the checkbook!)
Mother's experience in the beauty industry as a salon owner and currently as a successful real estate agent allows us her business savvy, creativity, and motivation.  She makes it HAPPEN!